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Online profile name: Snowman41

Real Name: Noah Frost

My Ideal Partner....
I’m old enough not to fall for all that love-at-first-sight, finding-your-soulmate nonsense. What I’m looking for is a partner in life. My job can be a lonely business and it would be nice to have someone to come home to, someone to share a meal and glass of wine with at the end of the day. And, if there is a little chemistry there, so much the better…

My Details....
Age: 41
You'll match if you... are looking for a mature relationship

I live: London
You'll match if you... love the city as much as I do

Marital status: Single
You'll match if you... would like to help me with that!

Hobbies: Creative writing, military history
You'll match if you... like to discuss art, music and literature

Occupation: Writer (but I’m not saying what I write – that’s a face-to-face, need-to-know bit of information)
You'll match if you... can be flexible with your work and like to travel

Likes: Good music, fine wine, great food.

Dislikes: Cocktail parties and gold-diggers

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Anonymous said...

I love the name "Noah Frost". It just sounds hot. I loved the book and I am a writer as well!