Nine-to-five Bride: Settings

For Marissa and Rick, it could only be Sydney. I needed to start their story high on a bridge and end it.... somewhere even higher. What else could have worked for a Corporate Highflier and a woman determined to keep her feet very firmly on the ground?
Of all the cities of Australia, Sydney is the one that speaks loudest to me of strength and pulsing life, of corporate highfliers and big, multi-national businesses.

I love riding the ferry across Sydney Harbour, taking in the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the open deck while the sea breeze blows the cobwebs away. Sydney is a city that makes anything feel possible.

My favourite moments are of the small things. Hearing the didgeridoo being played on Manly Wharf. Mimers on the city streets. Shops! Getting ridiculously lost with one of my buddies dragging a suitcase between us, map in hand trying to read it under a street light because we were talking too much and came out a different exit at Westfields shopping centre. Oh, wait. I probably shouldn't admit that, should I?

Beautiful ethnic foods in out of the way cafes and restaurants. Mixed languages on the streets. Kids in school uniforms and graffiti on trains and being ejected from an apartment complex at half past midnight because someone burned the toast (waves to Jan who got ejected with me).

Come see my Sydney. I hope you enjoy a taste of it....

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