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Online Profile name: Kangagirl

My Ideal Partner....
I’m a very ordinary girl looking for Mr Nice and Ordinary to date, with the possibility of forever and a family one day if it’s both what we want. You should be willing to respect my rights in a partnership of honesty, openness, affection and friendship that will create the strong foundation we need to be together and stay together. You should be gainfully employed in a job that puts food on the table and pays the bills, rather than being the core of your existence. Therefore Mr Tall, Dark and Driven need not apply!

My Details....
Age: 29 years young

You’ll match if you... are between 29 and 35 years

I live: In Sydney
You’ll match if you... you either live in Sydney or want to live here

Marital status: Single
You’ll match if you... are also single, but with a child would be okay.

Occupation: Secretary
You’ll match if you....No corporate high-flyers!

Kangagirl to Sanfrandani and Englishcrumpet:

Kangagirl: I had six unread messages in my Inbox this morning.
hopefulguy84 blew me a flirtatious kiss: "Hi. Let's start with coffee and end with dessert. Your place or mine?" Don't you think that's kind of forward of him? And looneybarker007 sent an email asking how I'd feel about his six children. I'm more concerned about the moniker he chose for his profile.
What should that tell me about a man I've never met?

Englishcrumpet:That he's mad about dogs?

Sanfrandani: You don't need to date every man who makes contact. You'd be awfully busy if you did.

Kangagirl: There were three more asking if I'd like to meet them for coffee or dinner, and one who blew me a kiss because I clicked on his profile when I was scrolling through recommended matches the site put together for me.

Englishcrumpet: Did any of them sound like they might be your Mr. Nice and Ordinary?

Sanfrandani: Yes, Marissa. Did you reply to any of them?

Kangagirl: ...sort of got busy. I've had work on my mind. You know how it is. But I'll go back and read the messages again soon, I promise, and decide whether any of them seem like a good match.

Englishcrumpet: And actually respond?

Kangagirl: Um...of course. Yes, of course I will. I'll get my toe dipped into this dating pond very soon. Oops. Gotta go. Duty calls again!

Kangagirl has signed out....

Sanfrandani: Do you think Marissa will get over her dating nerves and actually go out with a man from the site soon?

Englishcrumpet: Let's hope so. If she wants Mr. Nice and Ordinary, surely she can find him among so many men!


Anonymous said...

The concept of these books is so real, online dating & today!

Fiona Harper said...

Glad you like it! Our editors wanted us to come up with something up-to-date, fresh and urban and we all loved the idea of online friends. Like many other people, I have a whole host of internet buddies that I haven't even met, but it doesn't make the connection less strong.

My favourite bit was writing the IM chats - there was something so immediate about them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous. Online dating is a fun concept for a trilogy. Like Fiona, I loved writing the IM chats. I'd be lost without my online friendships.

Thanks for stopping by.