Grace's Profile

Online profile name: Englishcrumpet

Real Name: Grace Marlowe

My Ideal Partner....
Young at heart, just like I am. No cardigan-wearers, please! My teenage daughter has just flown the nest and it’s high time I remembered what it’s like to be young, free and single. I’d be lying if I said I was looking for a soul mate – true love like that only happens once in a lifetime and I’ve been there, done that, worn the black veil… But I’m looking for someone to share my life with, preferably someone who loves rock music and cold Chinese takeaway!

My Details....
Age: Thirty-ten (think about it!)
You'll match if you... are young at heart

I live: In London
You'll match if you... are London-based.

Marital status: Widow
You'll match if you... are unattached.

Hobbies: Growing old disgracefully.
You'll match if you... want to join me.

Occupation: I'll working towards opening my own patisserie one day.
You'll match if you... love what you do, whatever it is.

Likes: Loud music, being my daughter's best buddy, chow mein.

Dislikes: cardigans, the colour grey and acting like a 'grown-up'

Private chat between Englishcrumpet, Kangagirl and Sanfrandani:

Englishcrumpet: Come on, Dani. Entertain us with your dating disasters! Sanfrandani: Oh, you know… Same old, same old.
Englishcrumpet: But that’s just it, Dani! We don’t know. You’re always so vague.
Kangagirl: It’s time to spill the beans.
Englishcrumpet: Look, I told you about my dating bellyflop! Don’t try and divert the conversation, Dani. Tell me you’ve had your fair share of no-hopers.
Sanfrandani: I’ve had my fair share of no-hopers.
Kangagirl: And…details, please?
Sanfrandani: And your one date wasn’t a total wash-out, Grace. Has the mysterious Noah popped into the coffee shop any time recently?
Englishcrumpet: Yes, he has. In fact, he’s got into the habit of appearing at The Coffee Bean pretty regularly—for coffee and something sweet, he says.
Kangagirl: Awwwww. What does he do again? Not many men have time to lounge around in coffee shops in the middle of the day.
Englishcrumpet: He doesn’t lounge – he brings his laptop and sits there alternately talking to himself, typing and staring into space. He writes stuff.
Sanfrandani: What kind of stuff?
Englishcrumpet: Oh, I don’t know. Military stuff. Spy stuff.
Sanfrandani: And his name is Noah?
Englishcrumpet: Duh! Yes!
Sanfrandani: Have you looked for his stuff in a bookstore?
Englishcrumpet: No. Do you think I should?
Sanfrandani: Yeah, I really do.
Englishcrumpet: Anyway, that’s irrelevant. I just want to stress (looking at no one in particular, Marissa) that Noah and I are just friends.
Kangagirl: Just good friends. Now where have I heard that before?
Englishcrumpet: We are good friends now. But I’m starved of girl-type gossip since Daisy’s been gone. Come on, girls! Give me something juicy!
Sanfrandani: I might gossip a bit more if I could get a word in edgewise sometimes.
Englishcrumpet: Sorry! Look, you really don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, Dani. I realise some people aren’t as happy to witter on about themselves as I am.
Kangagirl: Noah doesn’t seem to mind.
Englishcrumpet: Seriously, Marissa, there’s nothing going on. I know you want to believe that everyone is going to fall in love as quickly and completely as you did with Rick, but I’m not looking for that. I just like the fact that Noah doesn’t see me as ‘Daisy’s Mum’. I’m just Grace with him.
Kangagirl: You can’t blame a girl for trying to matchmake.
Englishcrumpet: Wanna bet?

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Anonymous said...

I just finished the book and, it's my favorite of the series yet. I love the concept of the book, it's really relevant and somethin I'm sure lots and lots of women (and men?) can relate to. Grace's character was so real as well as Nosh's. It made me feel more like this was happenin to a Grace or Noah that I knew. Loved it when Daisy gave Noah the Hot Papa gift. LOL

linkie said...

i love love love the book

Fiona Harper said...

Glad to hear you love the book, linkie! It's a favourite of mine too.

Anonymous said...

I really love the book 2. Hope to read two more books. I almost cried. Really really love it.

Fiona Harper said...

Thanks so much for telling me you liked the book! You made my day. :-)