Dani's Profile

Online profile name: Sanfrandani

Real name: Dani Bennett

My Ideal Partner....
Probably doesn't exist outside the covers of my Jane Austen collection. I'm independent. I don't want a guy to be the center of my world, and I'm not sure I want to be any part of his. Getting my career back-on-track is my number one priority.

My Details....
Age: 26
You'll match if you... are between 24 and 35 years

Location: San Francisco

You'll match if you... don't leave your heart here

Marital status: Single
You'll match if you... are single and want to stay that way

Hobbies: Trying not to get caught doing what I shouldn't be doing
You'll match if you... can look the other way

Occupation: Sales (don't ask)
You'll match if you... are employed

Likes: cooking, chocolate, Colonel Brandon

Dislikes: mimes, players, flirts, being patronized, dishonesty

Private chat between Sanfrandani, Kangagirl and Englishcrumpet:

Kangagirl: What were you thinking? This profile doesn't sound anything like the Dani we know and love.

Sanfrandani: That's okay. I'm not exactly surfing for dates.

Englishcrupmpet: But we found our Mr. Rights, it's your turn now.

Sanfrandani: I'm not really sure Mr. Right exists.

Kangagirl: But you'll never know unless you try.

Englishcrumpet: We can help you modify your profile!

Kangagirl: Yes! A few changes and you'll have more dates than you know what to do with.

Sanfrandani: Thanks so much, but there isn't a lot of room in my life for dating. My new job isn't exactly what I thought it would be and that's...complicating things. But I found you two here, so joining blinddatebrides.com has been worth every penny!


sazanireal said...

...i like your love story.. it's nice... *_^

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to post that!