Bryce's Profile

Online profile name: Bigbrother

Real name: Bryce Delaney

My Ideal Partner....
Not sure there is one.  I work hard, seven days a week.  There isn't a lot of down time to simply hang out so you must be independent and not have to be attached at my hip 24/7.  My priorities are work and my younger sister.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.

My Details....
Age:  31
You'll match if you... are between 24 and 35 years

Location: San Francisco

You'll match if you... want to live here forever!

Marital status: Single
You'll match if you... are single and not looking for a serious relationship and/or commitment

Hobbies: Work
You'll match if you... have hobbies of your own you like to pursue

Occupation: Web developer

You'll match if you... don't ask too many questions about what I do for a living

Likes: baseball, family, French fries, predictability, blue eyes

Dislikes: trophy-wife-wannabes, dirt bag competitors, spammers, scammers, hackers and liars


Anonymous said...

lol your novel is a great book.
one of few books i'd read from cover to cover. i hope you keep writing wonderful stories.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks so much for posting! I really appreciate it!

FanGirlNZ said...

Hi there, just finished reading Grace and Noah's story in Blind Date Baby and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to check out Dani's story on how she meets her guy.
Who knows, their might be a Blind Date Grooms series coming soon about 3 guys ....

Fiona Harper said...

Thanks, FanGirl! (Fiona here...) We had such a blast writing these books, and we did discuss doing a Blind Date Grooms trilogy, but life has moved on and we're all writing different things now. Maybe one day!